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Name:carlo angelo

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90's, action rpgs, adventure, alternative rock, animation, anime, anti-discrimination, art, baseball caps, beanies, björk, bl, cardcaptor sakura, career, cargo pants, character designs, charmed, comics, conservation, dante gabriel rossetti, digital art, disney, doujinshi, downtempo, dragon age: origins, dungeons and dragons, english, equality, fable, fantasy, fiction, fighting games, final fantasy, folk pop, friends, gackt, gakuen heaven, gouache, grunge, guitar, h. r. giger, hair dye, harry potter, hetalia, hirai ken, ho yay, hoodies, horror, hot guys, human rights, icons, internet, j-pop, j-rock, j. k. rowling, jim butcher, junjou romantica, kagrra, king of fighters, kingdom hearts, koike teppei, kyou kara maou, late night alumni, leftwing, leonardo da vinci, lgbt rights, liberalism, lynn flewelling, mandy moore, manga, martial arts, megan derr, mercedes lackey, michelangelo, miyazaki hayao, mortal kombat, music, myléne farmer, myths, nightrunner, nomura tetsuya, oddities, originality, paintings, philosophy, piano, politics, red hair, red hot chili peppers, richard marx, robert jordan, role-playing, sculptures, seiyuu, sekaiichi hatsukoi, singing, sketches, slash, sneakers, sorcerous stabber orphen, soulcalibur, spirituality, starfighter, stories, street fighter, super sentai, supernatural, sustainability, sweets, tad williams, tae kwon do, tea, teahouse, technology, teen wolf, tekken, the corrs, the goo goo dolls, the nanny, the occult, the renaissance, the sims, three days grace, tiger & bunny, togainu no chi, travelling, trip hop, tsubasa: reservoir chronicle, university, uraboku, utada hikaru, vegetarianism, vertical horizon, video games, virtua fighter, wat, watercolour, webcomics, wentz eiji, wildlife, will and grace, wing chun, writing, 日本, 日本語
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